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Royal Chester RC Veterans in Charity Rowing Challenge

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A veteran crew from Royal Chester Rowing Club, known as
the ‘Royals’, is aiming to be the first to beat the challenge
of rowing 135 miles of the River Thames from source to city in an
eight. According to the ARA Almanack, it’s a trip that has
yet to be successfully completed in this craft.


The three-day adventure will begin on Sunday 18th May, starting
from the river’s barely navigable upper reaches at Lechlade in
Gloucestershire, down to the spectacular London skyline and
finishing at the start of the University Boat Race course at Putney
– with 45 locks to negotiate along the way together with sluices,
bridge holes and not least, pleasure craft!

The squad’s ages range from 49 to 67. Intensive conditioning is
being boosted by nutritional and training advice from the
University of Chester.

The challenge has two aims: to provide the crew with an opportunity
to stretch themselves beyond the normal series of head races, and
to raise £15,000, for a range of charities and good causes.
The crew and support team will meet their own costs in staging the

Two main charities – the NeuroMuscular Centre at Winsford in
Cheshire and Royal Chester Rowing Club Charitable Trust Fund – have
been chosen as the major beneficiaries of the money raised. Ten
other charities of personal concern to crew members will also
benefit from the individual fundraising. Royal Chester
RC Trust Fund’s donations will go towards expanding
opportunities for young people to develop their rowing skills, from
beginner to national level.

The crew are training hard to build up the stamina and strength
necessary for the challenge but advice from others who have
attempted similar challenges would be welcome. Keep a look
out for they crew from 18th -20th May – and please give

Further information regarding the event, including details of how
to sponsor the crew’s endeavour, can be found on the club website