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British Rowing partners with Yoke Consultancy on business-wide wellbeing project

The partnership, running for the duration of 2021, will see Yoke delivering wellbeing training and support to a number of British Rowing staff from across the business


British Rowing is delighted to announce a new staff wellbeing partnership with Yoke Consultancy, a specialist consultancy that builds resilient and sustainable cultures for staff, teams and organisations.

Having started in April 2021, the collaboration between Yoke and a group of British Rowing staff centres around measurement (through the Human Sustainability Index), individual reflection and group discussion, enabling the staff members to better navigate change and thrive in the working environment.


Speaking about the value of this work for British Rowing, CEO Andy Parkinson said: “We’ve been thinking about the issue of wellbeing for probably three to four years, and one of the areas we’ve been working hard on is in transforming our business culture. Yoke have provided invaluable insight since beginning our partnership and we look forward to continuing to shape a strong culture of wellbeing across the business for the long-term.”

Rachel Fellowes, Founder of Yoke, said: “It is an absolute pleasure to work with British Rowing to explore what a high performance and high wellbeing culture actually means in practice. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of experimentation in the future.”

Throughout the relationship, Yoke and British Rowing will collaborate on a number of blog posts from British Rowing staff, whilst Andy Parkinson will also feature in a facilitated learning circle event with Rachel Fellowes from Yoke on 10 August, 2021. For a snapshot of Andy’s thoughts from a recent conversation with Yoke, head here.