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British Rowing Safeguarding Update

Check out the newest Safeguarding updates from the Governance and Welfare team that will help you ensure you’re creating a safer club for all


To help clubs and events remain at the forefront of safeguarding, the Governance and Welfare team carried out a complete overhaul of all British Rowing’s welfare guidance documents, as well as updated our Safeguarding Children and Young People policy and written a new, introductory online training course for Safeguarding, all of which has been launched on a new Safeguarding page. 

Within the updated version of our policy, which we have renamed from “Safeguarding and Protecting Children to Safeguarding Children and Young People, we have information on:

  • the minimum standards for safeguarding children;
  • responding to concerns, referrals and disclosures;
  • British Rowing’s involvement in Safeguarding complaints;
  • coaching ratios.

Along with our new Safeguarding Policy, we have compiled our welfare guidance documents, into four safeguarding handbooks for everyone. The handbooks include:

  • Safeguarding Handbook 1- the Club Welfare Officer. The perfect tool for any Club Welfare Officer to get to grips with their role, and to understand how they can ensure their club takes Safeguarding seriously.
  • Safeguarding Handbook 2- Handling Concerns. To help people understand all about handling concerns, and what to do if a child or adult with care and support needs discloses a concern to you.
  • Safeguarding Handbook 3- Club, training and competition guidance. A handy guide for Coaches, as well as Club Welfare Officers, to understand the safeguarding needs of children and adults with care and support needs for training and competition.
  • Safeguarding Handbook 4- Safety in the digital world. For anyone responsible for organising or delivering online activity at their club, as well as people responsible for photography and videography in their club or during events.

Finally, we’ve also written our new “British Rowing’s Introduction to Safeguarding” training, which you can find on RowHow. This training is aimed at everyone in rowing and is free to carry out. All you have to do is create a ClubHub profile and sign in to RowHow.

To view the new page click below:

New Safeguarding Page