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Mental health tips for students

Lucinda Douse from Imperial College Boat Club shares her top tips for student wellbeing

Each year Mental Health Week provides a much-needed spotlight to focus on mental resilience and wellbeing – and after the global pandemic, it’s more welcome than ever.

Back in October, we talked to Lucinda Douse, Women’s Captain at Imperial College BC, on a very busy day with over 100 freshers taking to the water in their first week of term.


It seemed especially fitting as Rowing Together for Healthy Minds (RTFHM) was co-founded at Imperial with the aim of changing the way the rowing community thinks about mental health.

Lucinda says: “I think a really great thing that RTFHM has done is opening up that conversation about mental health. Especially for athletes, it can be a taboo topic because you want to be strong, and just gaining that understanding that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

“One of the ways that we can all contribute is just by talking about it. Your mental health is just like your physical health. It’s not that you either have a problem or you don’t.

“Everyone has a mental wellbeing and being open about that with your teammates and making people feel comfortable talking about it, I think is really important.”

Watch our interview with Lucinda below and don’t miss her top three tips for protecting your mental health towards the end of the video.