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New coach development programme – GROW – to launch soon

British Rowing is delighted to unveil the GROW programme to bring rowing to a new generation of young people


Credit: Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Lets Get Rowing Project

British Rowing is delighted to introduce a new coach development programme which will launch in early 2022. The GROW programme aims to welcome a new generation of young people to rowing, and create a sport which is more representative of today’s society.

By deploying coaches within host clubs, we will GROW the sport in ethnically diverse communities, for people with disabilities, and within socio-economically disadvantaged communities. We will engage young people who would not traditionally have the opportunity to try rowing.


GROW Coaching

We will GROW and develop coaches from diverse backgrounds, to create ambassadors who will link their local school and community groups to rowing clubs. We will invest in the recruitment and  development of the right people who can create a positive impact on the lives of young people when they get rowing. Coaches will deliver a combination of indoor and on-water activities.

GROW Communities

We will GROW partnerships with clubs and their local schools and community groups to deliver rowing sessions which will have a positive impact on the lives of those who take part.

GROW Young People

We will GROW the lives of young people, including their mental and physical well-being, community engagement, social interaction, confidence and educational attainment.

The objectives for this exciting programme are:

Primary objectives:

  1. Provide opportunities to row for young people aged 11-18 in State Schools, who would not typically access the sport, with a focus on socio-economically deprived communities, ethnically diverse communities and young people with a disability.
  2. Have a positive impact on the lives of young participants including their health and well-being, community engagement, social interaction and educational attainment.
  3. Improve outcomes for young people and develop important life skills such as team building, resilience and focus.
  4. Create permanent, financially sustainable coaching activities for target groups within host clubs and schools by upskilling local coaches and teachers.
  5. Create a cohort of high quality, diverse rowing coaches that excel in the delivery of inclusive coaching activity, act as good role models and, in turn, are highly employable, with many seeking future employment in rowing.

Secondary objectives: 

  1. Promote engagement in competition through events such as school regattas and the School Games.
  2. Identify potential England Talent Pathway athletes and support them in accessing the opportunities available.

To ensure we match the right clubs with the right coaches, an open invitation will be sent to all affiliated rowing clubs in England early in 2022 to apply to host a GROW coach. The application process will be an opportunity for clubs to demonstrate their commitment to both diversity and inclusion, and to developing coaches as well. Clubs will be shortlisted prior to the coach recruitment phase of the programme.

British Rowing interim CEO Alastair Marks said: ‘‘The GROW programme is a fantastic opportunity to build on our Committed to Inclusion Strategy, and support clubs to continue to grow into the hard to reach areas of their communities, ensuring that as many young people are given the opportunity to try rowing as is possible.

“Not only will it broaden who can access the sport, it will also help build a more diverse coaching workforce which represents the communities in which we operate. Creating an exciting opportunity for the sport through introducing new ideas that will ensure the best experience for newcomers possible.”

If you would like any further information about the GROW programme, please email