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Guidelines on major incidents

British Rowing has published guidelines for competitions on responding to major incidents, and for clubs and competitions on dealing with the aftermath of a serious incident


Our new Guidelines for Responding to Major Incidents at Competitions capture lessons learned from a serious incident at a non-rowing watersports event where a number of British Rowing officials happened to be in attendance.

It highlights a series of areas for a competition Organising Committee to consider in their event planning, and to add to their standard emergency procedures. These are largely framed around a multi-lane regatta, but the principles would apply equally to any location or type of competition. Such incidents are thankfully rare, but it’s important that an Organising Committee thinks in advance about how to deal with them, to avoid processes being created ‘on the fly’.

The Guidelines for Dealing With the Aftermath of a Serious Incident at a Club or Competition provide a checklist designed to help rowing clubs and competitions be prepared to manage such a situation. The guidelines cover the role of the emergency services, media, welfare and who to notify.

Both documents can be downloaded here. For future reference, links are also available on our Club Support, Organising Competitions, Policies and Guidance and Safety pages.

Download Guidelines for Major Incidents