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CRB: Volunteers welcome criminal record checks

From the Criminal Records Bureau where you can read the full report:

‘The myth that volunteers are put off by Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks has been destroyed by research which shows nine out of ten people are in favour of them.
Research published recently shows 91 per cent support checks for anyone working or volunteering with children and vulnerable adults. The research found:

  • nine out of ten people say anyone working or volunteering with vulnerable groups should be checked
  • more than 70 per cent think the CRB helps protect the vulnerable
  • three out of four people are more likely to use a business if staff have been CRB checked 

The CRB understands the vital role played by volunteers with checks carried out free of charge for these groups. These checks represent around 20 per cent of the 3.5 million checks processed annually, saving voluntary organisations millions of pounds.
Commenting on the findings, Barnardo’s Chief Executive Martin Narey, said:
“Barnardo’s believes CRB checks do not encourage a culture of fear and suspicion of all strangers, but instead bring peace of mind for parents and carers who place children in the care of others.
“While CRB checks may never offer absolute safety for children and vulnerable adults, they enable organisations to make an informed decision based on past convictions. It is essential that we continue to offer vulnerable adults and young people as much protection as possible.”’