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Nottingham RC Workplace Health Scheme

Nottingham Rowing Club, are offering free fitness sessions to Nottingham’s workplaces through a workplace health scheme supported by Sport England. 

The scheme allows employees to improve their fitness through learning how to row indoors, and on the water in the club’s recreational boats. The sessions are delivered during weekday lunchtimes and coached by club coaches and the club and coach programme coach for the East Midlands.


Employees from the Fire Service, Queen’s Medical Centre, the Environmental Agency and County Hall have already taken part and the club are welcoming new businesses.

This is what participants commented about the scheme:

"I had often envied the rowers I saw on the Trent, but with having three young kids, my weekends and evenings were usually taken up with ferrying them around to and from football practice, guides, scouts etc. Because these sessions are based around lunchtimes, they easily fit in with my daily routine. I enjoyed the sessions from the start, and was surprised how quickly we advanced from the Ergo machines to actually getting out on the water. The coaches have been great, very friendly but offering enough advice so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming. I must admit it is hard to leave a nice warm office at lunch time to go out on the water. But I always find that once out there, I don’t want to go back to the office!"

"I think the rowing is fantastic, I love being out on the water no matter how cold it is as you don’t feel it when you are rowing. I can’t wait to bet back on the water. The Olympics really inspired me so when I heard there were free rowing lessons going I jumped at the chance!"

"I have really enjoyed the workplace health rowing scheme.  It’s a great opportunity to get away from my desk at lunchtime and enjoy the great outdoors.  The coaches have been really supportive and have given me the confidence to give it a go!"

The workplace health scheme is supported through Sport England’s Community Investment Fund, and the Club and Coach Programme.