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GB Rowing Technique Seminars

On the 8th March (15th March in the WAGS region), demonstrations and explanations of GB Rowing Technique will be given by leading GB coaches at sessions throughout the country.  Each region will have it’s own seminar consisting of two sessions:

  • The morning session is aimed at coach educators, ARA staff & coaching commissioners and will be a practical workshop led by a GB coach and CDO.  Attendees of the morning session will then help deliver the afternoon session.
  • The afternoon session, aimed at club coaches of all levels, will consist of brief presentation followed by a practical workshop using machines and demonstrations on water.  Club coaches will be instructed by a combination of a GB coach, CDOs and coach educators.

Find out where your regions’ event will be happening using the table below:

East Peterborough RC Jeff Elms
East Midlands Nottingham Rowing Club Simon Dowdy
North East Durham ARC Rob Cree
North West Agecroft RC Daniel Hetherington
Scotland National Rowing Academy, Strathclyde Park Lee Boucher
South East Bewl Bridge RC Kate Beaumont
South West Dart Totnes RC Tom Pattichis
Thames Molesey BC Phil Simmons
Thames Marlow BC Sarah Birch
(15th March)
Monkton Combe School Rachael Wooldridge
Wales Channel View Leisure Centre, Grangetown Sarah Harris
Wessex Southampton Coalporters ARC Rachael Wooldridge
West Midlands West Midlands Rowing Centre, Pitchcroft, Worcester Jo Atkinson
Yorkshire Doncaster RC Rory Semple

All contacts are available on except those given above.

Poster for afternoon session