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Gregory steps into limelight at GB Winter Assessment Trials

[img_assist|nid=2770|title=Alex Gregory|desc=Peter Spurrier|link=none|align=right|width=176|height=253]Alex Gregory, who just missed out on a Beijing Olympic berth last year, stepped into the limelight with Olympic champion Pete Reed to win the men’s pair title at the third GB Winter Assessment Trials at Boston, Lincolnshire, today.

Gregory, a graduate of rowing’s lottery and Siemens-backed world class start scheme and racing today for Reading University with Leander’s Reed, took the time trial title in 17.26.08. They were also fastest to the half-way mark in 8.39.33 and kept up the pace in the second half. Dan Ritchie and Tom Wilkinson were second in 17.43.92.


Meanwhile many of GB’s other leading men raced today in single sculls. Specialist sculler Alan Campbell took the honours in a time of 18.11.91 beating both Marcus Bateman, fourth today in 18.33.35 and Olympic men’s four gold medallist Andrew Triggs Hodge, third in 18.29.27 in a reversal of December’s battle between the three men. Ian Lawson of Leander club was second in 18.27.63.

Katherine Grainger, perennial winner in recent years of most GB Rowing trials of any description, found herself in an unaccustomed place today when she finished seventh – perhaps a reflection on her late re-entry to the squad after a prolonged post-Olympic break. Gloucester RC’s Beth Rodford won in a time of 20.09.09 with world champion and Olympic silver medallist, Annie Vernon, in second in 20.12.31 and Durham University’s Sarah Cowburn taking a surprise third in 20.12.80. Cowburn, originally from Worcester, is a former world junior championships single scull finalist.

The lightweight men and women compete later this afternoon.

*SIEMENS is the high performance partner of the GB Rowing Team
(as such they sponsor all the Olympic and Paralympic Class
boats in the senior squad and add value to the ARA’s World Class
Start and High Performance Programme in Clubs Schemes)

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Single Scull
(Top 15 only – full results at

1. Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers) 18.11.61
2. Ian Lawson (Leander) 18.27.63
3. Andrew Triggs Hodge (Molesey BC) 18.29.27
4. Marcus Bateman (Leander) 18.33.35
5. Matt Langridge (Northwich) 18.45.44
6. Tom Solesbury (Isis) 18.47.28
7. Brendan Crean (Agecroft) 19.02.37
8. Colin Smith (Oxford Univ) 19.11.84
9. Dave Marshall (Nottingham RC) 19.12.08
10. Stuart Honor (Agecroft) 19.16.51
11. Dave Bell (Leander) 19.20.88
12. Robin Dowell (Leander) 19:22.66
13. Simon Hislop (Imperial College) 19.22.90
14. Phil Turnham (Reading Uni) 19.24.58
15. Ray Poulter (Leander) 19.27.25

(Top 10 only – full results at

1. Alex Gregory/Pete Reed (Reading Uni/Leander) 17.26.08
2. Tom Wilkinson/Dan Ritchie (Leander/Reading Uni) 17.43.92
3. Tom Broadway/James Clarke (Leander/London RC) 17.44.73
4. James Orme/George Laughton (Leander) 17.50.17
5. Scott Rennie/Fred Gill (Cambridge Uni/Molesey) 17.58.30
6. George Nash/Henry Pelly (Cambridge Uni) 17.59.75
7. Mohamed Sbihi/James Foad (Molesey BC) 18.03.99
8. Karl Hudspith/Christopher Abraham (Oxford Brookes) 18.09.04
9. Cameron Nichol/William Satch (Molesey BC/Leander) 18.11.48
10. Alex Partrige/Ric Egington (Leander) 18.14.86


Single Scull
(Top 15 only – full results at

1. Beth Rodford (Gloucester RC) 20.09.09
2. Annie Vernon (Marlow RC) 20.12.31
3. Sarah Cowburn (Durham Uni RC) 20.12.80
4. Sarah Winckless (Walbrook & Royal CC) 20.13.72
5. Olivia Whitlam (Agecroft) 20.15.20
6. Louisa Reeve (Leander) 20.15.64
7. Katherine Grainger (St Andrew BC) 20.17.41
8. Natasha Howard (Tideway Scullers) 20.19.04
9. Rosamund Bradbury (Westminster School) 20.25.88
10. Katie Greves (Leander) 20.26.48
11. Jo Cook (Leander) 20.40.43
12. Jacqueline Round (Nottingham RC) 20.41.39
13. Georgina Hazell (Reading Uni) 20.46.62
14. Jennie Farmer (Molesey BC) 20.47.06
15. Atlanta St John (Wallingford RC) 20.49.38