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Boat Race Dream Crews

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Click on the rowers above to see who Donald & Steve selected for their dream crews.  Read on below to see how they came to their decision.  We’ve got plenty more on the Boat Race in our special section – including an article from Rowing & Regatta.


Steve Royle

Director of Rowing at OUBC, Steve Royle has coached at Oxford since the 1970s.

“What a great privilege it’s been to be given the opportunity to select my ‘Dream Boat Race Crew’ from OUBC members over the past 30 years. My crew is a blend of youth and experience, which has been the hallmark of Oxford blue boats during this period and one I’m confident would win the Boat Race against the best crew the ‘old enemy’ could assemble.”

One final decision is who should coach this fantastic line-up.  Of course I would love to, as I’m sure would Daniel Topolski, but I feel a more gifted and complete coach is Sean Bowden, who possesses all the necessary expertise and experience.  With his outstanding record this millennium, Sean has shown he can move boundaries on and would ensure this crew realised its full potential on Boat Race Day.   

Donald Legget

Donald Legget rowed in the 1962 Goldie crew, and the 1963 and 1964 Cambridge crews. He has coached at CUBC continuously since 1968.

“I have chosen not to go back further than 1960. This was the first year the USA did not win the Olympic eights title since 1920 and heralded the era of the introduction of longer slides, spade blades, interval training, etc. I can foresee some disappointed faces amongst those whom I hope will still be my friends after they have read this.”