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Club wins Victor Ludorum for second year in a row

Almost the entire club decamped to the banks of the Avon to attend Evesham Regatta on Sunday 4th May. The Club  had an unprecedented 34 different crews entered in the highly competitive regional event.

It was the Mens senior section that led the way with the Novice Eight of Jeremy Picton Turberville, Dave Sykes, Paul Brodholt, Andrew Leeman, Tim Crossman, Lenny Colling, Dave Morris and Ed Surman with Coxes Jess Crossman and Lucy Jones. Having beaten the Evesham crew in the semi final they were up against a large crew from Stourport.


After a clean start Stourport veered into the Ross boat and there was a huge clash of blades. With a war cry  of "row through them" from the young Ed Surman the Ross boat took command of the race and won by a handsome margin of 1 ½ lengths over the 500 meter course.  Mens development coach Ian Howell commented "I am truly delighted for the novice/vet squad. They have been working very hard developing technique and race craft and today it all paid off. All eight oarsman should be very proud of this achievement and we will look to build upon this success"

This win was then followed by the Junior Academy taking charge of events. Johan Lai and George Probert won in J12 2x, Johan also won J12 singles as did Jess Crossman in her WJ12 event. Roise Brandram Jones with Abi Beddard won in WJ14 double sculls and Amy Surman and Ellie Grindle in the WJ13 double sculls.

The day was rounded off with Phil Davies and Steve Randell winning quaterfinals, semis and final of open coxless pairs.

At the prize giving ceremony, a traditional event at Evesham, Ross were surprised and delighted to discover they were the most successful visiting club and had retained the Victor Ludorum trophy won the previous year.  This is even more impressive as several of the high performance crews were attending Wallingford Regatta at Dorney Lake.

Club Chairman commented "This was clearly a very successful day for the club and not only on the water. The Club was also represented by Neil Lucas , Sheron Dean Lucas, Karen Blackwood and Jackie Baynham who were all undertaking their first sessions as officiating umpires. All these new umpires distinguished themselves with great distinction in how they managed their new responsibilities"

Ian Howell captain added "Thanks  also to Tim Crossman and Paul Drinkwater for driving the two trailers!"

Report from Ross Rowing Club