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Nine Pots for Ross at Worcester Regatta

With 31 entries the Ross Rowing Club had the largest number from any club represented at the Worcester Regatta. The Morris family were the big winners with Kelly and Scot and father Dave picking up a total of 4 wins!

The winners were, Scot Morris in  J11 single sculls, Catrin Morris and Olivia Baynham Williams WJ12 double sculls , Kelly Morris  Rosie Lindley WJ15 double Sculls, J12 double sculls, Johan Lai and Dale Kernot, J12 quads Johan Lai, Dale Kernot, Scott Morris, Gregory Fitz Horswell cox Rhodri Morris. WJ13 double sculls, Amy Surman and Ellie Grindle, WJ14 single sculls, Rosie Brandram Jones, WJ12 1x Catrin Morris.


For the seniors it was a day of very tough racing with the ladies coxed four of Emliy Preece, Hannah Jones, Holy Campbell and Geena Watling and cox George Probert working through two rounds only to loose by six feet in their final. This was a terrific performance  for the young Ross ladies.

For the men the veteran eight of Jeremy Picton Turberville, Graham Watling, Dave Sykes, Paul Brodholt , Andrew Lehman, Tim Crossman, Lenny Colling, Dave Morris with Lucy Jones coxing, competed and beat a Ross select eight gaining valuable race experience over the 750 meter course. The select eight made up of Paul Carpenter, Chriss Mellor, Tom Williams, Ian Howell, Bryn Hughes, Phil  Palmer Geena Watling, and Emily Preece coxed by Morgan Baynham Williams put up a great fight enjoying a great spirited row.

Overall it was another strong day for Ross with valuable race experience being gathered by old and young alike. The men’s veteran crews are in preparations for National Veteran Championships, and the High Performance junior crew of Rosie Lindley and Kelly Morris are in the final stages of preparing for the National Schools Regatta.

Report from Ian Howell, Ross RC