STAGING Swine Flu Guidance - British Rowing

Swine Flu Guidance

Following the recent outbreak of Swine flu the ARA has contacted the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) and the advice to our members is that business should continue as normal for events and regattas. 

If rowers or participants feel unwell or have influenza-like symptoms they should stay at home and seek medical assistance.


A copy of the national framework guidelines for sporting events published by the CCPR can be downloaded here.  There is additional advice for international events.

The World Health Organisation alert level for the Swine flu outbreak is currently confirmed at Phase 5. This level recognises that large clusters of the outbreak have been discovered across the world but the that spread is still localised. The Department of Health is also advising people to carry on with their daily lives as normal.

Please check the website again for further news and guidance if the current situation develops or worsens.

12th May 2009