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New boat for recreational rowers and juniors

Based on the hull lines by Chris Freer’s, Southampton ARC have created a new coxed quad/four designated SARC BALUGA to meet the specifications of the new ARA Stable Boat Scheme, launching the "Evolution II" on Sunday 7th June 2009.

With six watertight compartments, one under each seat, and at the bow and stern, and with an after deck stowage area, the SARC BALUGA provides ample stowage space for extending trips. The hull shape, already proven in coastal waters, is ideal for touring rivers, estuaries and along the coast.


With a weight comparable to existing Coastal Fours and a competitive straight line speed that will match anything in it’s class, the SARC BALUGA will satisfy the fittest and most enthusiastic of recreational rowers and is ideal for junior coastal quad racing.

To be produced by Rossiters of Christchurch, Dorset, SARC BALUGA is ideal for adaptive rowing with floats and seat frames easily fitted and with ample room for an adult coach in the cox’s seat.

Report from Rachael Wooldridge, CDO