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Race of the day ends in a dead heat

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"TOTNES & Bridgetown Royal Regatta, the second in the 2009 West of England ARA ten regatta-series, attracted 184 entries from around the region.


These entries were made up of four eights, forty fours, twenty-one quads, two pairs, forty-seven double sculls and seventy single sculls.

This necessitated 111 races for 43 events with as little as two minutes between some races over the 1000 metre course on the riier Dart at Totnes.

And this year the unfavourable tide meant a Sunday programme instead of the usual Saturday and an 8am start for the first race.

Conditions on the river Dart were ideal with a tail wind although the water did chop a little in the latter half of the programme with the outgoing tide against wind……….."

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