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Raw Sewage in the Thames Tideway

New from the Thames Regional Rowing Concil:

‘The Thames Regional Rowing Council is deeply concerned about the appalling state of the River Thames between Richmond Lock and Putney Bridge following further outpourings of raw sewage from the Mogden treatment plant in Isleworth, run by Thames Water.
It is our understanding that not only is the discharge of raw sewage into the Thames from the Modgen plant a regular occurrence but that, in the words of the Environment Agency: "Discharges from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) are a regular occurrence and can happen following as little as 2mm of rain."


The rainfall during July brought the issue to a head when Thames Water emptied out most of, if not the entire store of, concentrated untreated sewage at Mogden into the river, in order to protect the plant from inundation after the heavy rain.’

The full release can be read at the Thames Regional Rowing Council website