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Stop your Club’s money going down the drain

A reminder to our Community sports clubs that the CCPR’s campaign to achieve affordable rates for water services comes to an end on 30th August.

For more information about how you can sign up to the CCPR petition, write to your MP go to the CCPR website.


From the CCPR: 

Community sports clubs bills for waste water drainage have risen at an alarming rate due to water regulator OFWAT’s guidance to utility companies to move to ‘site area charging’ for drainage. This model fails to distinguish between community facilities and commercial buildings.

In addition to drainage charges, clubs are also facing significant increases in installation and supply fees for water, gas and electricity. At the root of this problem is the fact that legislation currently distinguishes only between domestic and commercial premises – and as sports clubs are not domestic, they are by default treated as commercial entities. CCPR believes that legislation should recognise a new category of ‘community building’ including buildings such as sports clubs, village halls and churches, which would be subject to lower fees.