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The GB Rowing Team wins a gold and two silvers at World Junior Championships

The GB Rowing Team’s junior men’s four became Britain’s flagship today in Brive-La-Gaillarde, France, when they took gold by a margin of just under three seconds at the world junior championships. GB also won a silver in each of the men’s eight and women’s four.[img_assist|nid=3347|title=Left to right: Andrew Holmes, Jason Phillips, William Perham and Constantine Louloudis celebrate junior men’s four gold|desc=Picture: Peter Spurrier|link=none|align=right|width=640|height=636]

Apart from an illness-disrupted 2008, GB has won gold in the junior men’s four boat class at three out of the past four editions of the world junior championships – all with Richard Boulton as coach.


Today’s winners were Andrew Holmes, Jason Phillips, Will Perham and Stan Louloudis. They eased into the lead by halfway, overhauling the fast-starting Australians and were never threatened from that point.

Their performance was backed by silvers from both the men’s eight and the women’s four.

"We’ve had some fantastic results here", said GB Team Manager John Layng. "It’s the first time since 1999 that we’ve won two medals in junior men’s sweep events. Even though we knew that the four were a crew with something special about them, it’s still pleasing to see them coming across the line first".

"I’ve been very, very impressed with the maturity and commitment shown here by this group of young rowers and in the way in which they’ve approached this event. The medals have been hard-won, there has been some great racing and we have got some very good rowers for the future", said GB Performance Director, David Tanner.

George Rossiter stroked the GB men’s eight to silver in a final which proved five seconds faster than the heat which GB won to reach the final.[img_assist|nid=3348|title=Britain’s junior men’s eight won silver|desc=Picture: Peter Spurrier|link=none|align=left|width=492|height=377]

Germany, perennial European arch-rivals, were winners today by almost exactly a second in a race which they led throughout but during which GB pursued them closely for all bar the first quarter of the race.

"Certainly the Germans stepped up from their performance in the heat", said Layng.

Italy, who showed well in the first quarter, came up to take bronze two seconds behind GB, with the USA in fourth by just 12 hundredths of a second. The GB men’s eight were coached today by Colin Greenaway who coached the men’s coxed four to silver in 2008.

The women’s four of Amber Anderson, Olivia Carnegie-Brown, Caragh McMurty and Brianna Stubbs were pipped to victory by Australia in today’s final. The antipodean quartet led by just over a second at all three markers leaving Britain to take silver in 6:51.30. Behind them, Germany and China did battle for bronze – a fight won eventually by China.[img_assist|nid=3349|title=Left to right: Amber Anderson, Olivia Carnegie-Brown, Caragh McMurty and Brianna Stubbs show off their silver medals|desc=Picture: Peter Spurrier|link=none|align=right|width=376|height=224]

In the ensuing final, the GB Rowing Team’s junior men’s coxed four finished fifth in a time of 6;29.28 in a race won by Germany with Australia taking silver and Italy the bronze. GB were fourth at halfway but lost another place to France who emerged with 1500m gone.

Rachel Gamble-Flint, due to race in the B finals of the single scull today, but pulled out injured.

During the B finals programme the GB men’s pair were sixth and the junior women’s quadruple scull were fourth.

Great Britain were third on the overall medal table.

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(Events featuring GB crews only)




1. Australia 6:48.18
2. Amber Anderson/Olivia Carnegie-Brown/Caragh McMurtry/
Brianna Stubbs (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:51.30
3. China 6:53.14
4. Germany 6:54.76
5. France 7:02.86
6. USA 7:04.33



1. Andrew Holmes/Jason Philips /Will Perham/
Constantine Louloudis (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:02.40
2. Romania 6:05.25
3. Australia 6:08.29
4 Slovenia 6:11.13
5. Spain 6:12.83
6. Germany 6:13.02

Coxed four

1. Germany 6:20.34
2. Australia 6:22.44
3. Italy 6:22.89
4. France 6:26.53
5. Charlie Rendle/Charles Herbert/Etran Hazine/Felix
Wood/Rory Copus (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:29.28
6. Canada 6:36.78


1. Germany 5:43.62
2. Max Monfared/Ed Nainby-Luxmoore/Matthew Tatlock/
Stephen Jones/Sam Arnot/Stewart Innes/Caspar
Jopling/George Rossiter/Franz Imfield (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:44.65
3. Italy 5:46.70
4. USA 5:46.82
5. Spain 5:53.28
6. Romania 5:53.95



Single scull

1. Ukraine 7:56.29
2. Hungary 7:58.53
3. France 7:58.54
4. Belarus 8:01.16
5. Japan 8:02.66
DNS Rachel Gamble-Flint (GREAT BRITAIN)

Quadruple scull

1. Belgium 6:46.08
2. Greece 6:48.08
3. USA 6:48.63
4. Rosa Atkinson/Helen Preston/Eleanor Piggott/
Phoebe Lucas (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:51.01
5. Romania 6:51.02
6. Croatia 6:52.25



1. Germany 6:51.39
2. Czech Republic 6:52.93
3. Belarus 6:53.73
4. Hungary 6:56.33
5. India 6:57.45
6. Nick Clarke/Tom Edwards (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:59.31

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5-8 August 2009
Brive, France



Amber Anderson (Lady Eleanor Holles School)/
Olivia Carnegie-Brown (Reading RC)/
Caragh McMurtry (Southampton Coalporters)/
Brianna Stubbs (Canford School)

Single Scull

Rachael Gamble-Flint (Yarm)

Quadruple Scull

Rosa Atkinson (Runcorn RC)/
Helen Preston (Durham ARC)/
Eleanor Piggott (Bedford High School)/
Phoebe Lucas (Borlase)



Nick Clarke (Walton RC/)/
Tom Edwards (Durham School BC)


Andrew Holmes (George Watson’s College)/
Jason Philips (St Paul’s School)/
Will Perham (Kingston Grammar Schol)/
Constantine Louloudis (Eton College)

Coxed Four

Charlie Rendle (Pangbourne College)/
Charles Herbert (Pangbourne College)/
Ertan Hazine (Wallingford RC)/
Felix Wood (Abingdon School)/
Rory Copus (cox) (Abingdon School)


Max Monfared (Eton College)/
Ed Nainby-Luxmoore (Eton College)/
Matthew Tatlock (Molesey BC)/
Stephen Jones (King’s Chester)/
Sam Arnot (King’s Chester)/
Stewart Innes (St Edwards School)/
Caspar Jopling (Eton College)/
George Rossiter (Abingdon School)/
Franz Imfeld (cox) (King’s Chester)


Team Manager: John Layng
Chief Coach: Richard Boulton
Team Doctor: Dr Lucy Free
Physiotherapist: Rachel Burr
Equipment Manager: Bret King

Coaches: Ian Dryden, Mark Woodcock,
Colin Greenaway, Eira Parry, John Ward,
Nick de Cata