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Local school children take the lead in building an eco-friendly rowing club

Dam Flask

On 29th September 2009, the students of Bradfield School in the north of Sheffield hosted the launch of a unique school project following an education workshop with the City of Sheffield Rowing Club.   

Children were asked to design a new eco friendly, sustainable facility for rowers.  The school’s close proximity to Dam Flask Reservoir allowed the children to measure and research the existing site, which formed the basis for their ideas.


Donald McDougall, Chairman of City of Sheffield Rowing Club, was thoroughly impressed by the students. “I thought, ‘getting 12 year olds to design a rowing club? That will never work!” And yet these guys have come up with some brilliant ideas – it’s just so good to see their enthusiasm. I hope their enthusiasm will help us get this project completed successfully and hope to see 30 new rowers coming down here in 2 or 3 years time getting ready to go to the Olympics….we’re not a London centric organisation – the Olympics belong to Britain, and we’re looking at the next Olympians here today”. 
The launch day ended appropriately with Dam Flask rowers taking guests, including some of the students, out onto the dam in an 8 man rowing boat, with City Of Sheffield Club member and world class rower, Vicky McDougall as coxswain.

For further information on the project you can download the full story as written by the school or visit the project website.