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Rowing Clubs and the PRS

We have recently received concerns from some of our Clubs relating to charges for the playing of music during training sessions, and whether the PRS have a legitimate claim to require a licence fee.

The CCPR advise "that the PRS should charge only for public performance. Hence if an individual is listening to their own music device via headphones, then no charge is payable. If however the music is broadcast for others to hear a fee would be payable.


PRS have also introduced a ‘pro-dub’ licence for people such as DJs and aerobic instructors who may purchase CDs and then mix content on an MP3 player in order run discos or exercise to music classes."

Andrew Hanson, Head of Policy at the CCPR, says that if clubs have received demands from PRS they should submit exact details to us, and the circumstances of the music usage, and he may be able to advise further.

Please send to and we will forward on your behalf.

Rosemary Napp
National Manager