STAGING Flood warnings - British Rowing

Flood warnings

With flood warnings expected across the country, British Rowing advise clubs to be particularly careful and be diligent about outings on the water. 

If a capsize takes place you must ensure that you make every attempt to stay with the boat and use it to keep afloat. If possible get on top of the boat, attract attention and paddle to the land or wait to be rescued.


Do not swim away from the boat because your ability to swim in cold water is dramatically reduced and swim failure may occur. In order avoid this situation in the first place, a thorough assessment of the risks should be a key priority before any outing takes place.

For further information on cold water immersion and hypothermia please view the British Rowing water safety ‘Row Safe’ ‘1.8’ document or visit the water safety pages of the website:

‘If in doubt – don’t go out’.