STAGING Wingfield Sculls 2009 - British Rowing

Wingfield Sculls 2009

Sophie Hosking

Congratulations to Alan Campbell and Sophie Hosking who were the winners of the 2009 Wingfield Sculls that took place on a wintery tideway today.

The event runs on the Championship course from Putney to Mortlake every year and dates back to 1830 (excluding the world wars periods).


In the women’s race the competitors were Sophie Hosking (London RC) who also gained the 2008 title and Jess Eddie (University of London BC).

The men’s event consisted of Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers’ School), Mahe Drysdale (Tideway Scullers’ School) and Graeme Coleman (Nottingham and Union RC). 

Results -Women

Sophie Hosking 23m.05s.
Jess Eddie  23m.34s.

Results – Men

Alan Campbell 20m.27s
Mahe Drysdale 20m.37s
Graeme Coleman 21m.45s