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Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race

In just under two weeks Anton Wright (Cantabrigian rowing club, Cambridge) and Mick Birchall (Oundle Rowing Club) will be leaving to start their preparations to compete in the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race which starts on the 6th December.

Anton and Mick will be racing in a Woodvale wooden pair named Dream Maker and are hoping to complete the race within 50 days, although it can take up to 100 days to complete.


Anton is a Sports Science student at Anglia Ruskin University and Mick is employed by the Cambridgeshire Police force. Both are competitive rowers and met for the first time while racing at Peterborough regatta. Mick had unfortunately lost his original partner due to injury and after a quick chat and a phone call Anton was drafted in.
Mick and Anton will be raising money for a couple of charities. The NSPCC are the primary charity with 2 Oundle youth sports clubs and Young lives in Cambridgeshire also receiving a share of all funds raised.

During the race which starts on the 6th December it will be possible to track Mick and Anton via the web using tracking data provided by Woodvale via their web site. This will enable all interested to see both their current location and their position in the race. There will also be a satellite phone on board the boat available for interviews and updates.

Pre race scrutinizing and briefings begin in La Gomera from the 20th November and the final destination will be English Harbor, Antigua – over 2850 miles away.

Mick and Anton are contactable directly using the details below and are happy to discuss any help that you can provide to promote this oarsome event.

Anton Wright – 07811 286866 –
Mick Birchall – 07736 342332 –
Facebook group:  Oarsome Challenge Atlantic Rowing Race 2009