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CCPR Update: Your views count

The last month has seen some key developments in policy matters of which members may wish to be aware.  The deadlines are drawing near for sending in your views on all the current CPPR consultations.

Coastal Access Implementation Scheme
consultation seeks views on the methodology used by Natural England for implementing improved access to the English coast under Part 9 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. Those wishing to respond to the consultation can view further information here. The consultation closes on 5 February.


Enjoying Water
The demand for water-related sport and recreation in England and Wales outstrips supply but creating more recreational opportunities on rivers and coastal waters is full of challenges.  The Environment Agency is heading a project to assess and shape provision in the South East and is committed to putting the environment at the heart of future plans to develop water-related sport and leisure. Read the full report.

Music licensing:  Take part in the survey
Under current law sports clubs are required to purchase Performing Right Society licences for the use of music within their venues.  CCPR and its partners are now seeking the best possible solution to this situation.  Read the full report.

For all ongoing and completed consultations – visit the CCPR website

Please do send in your thoughts to British Rowing on all the consultations noted in the update, as this helps us get your views across to government. 

British Rowing will collate all comments to send on to the CCPR.  Emails can be sent to 
Alternatively you can email the CCPR directly and copy in