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Rowing Building Momentum

Today’s Active People Survey1 (APS) results show rowing building momentum six months into the 2009-13 Whole Sport Plan and on the right path to deliver a lasting legacy for the sport.  The survey shows that in the last year 49,000 people participated in rowing once a week which is a 25% increase since the first survey2 was released three years ago.  This follows the same long term trend shown by our membership figures which over the same period have seen a 21% increase.

British Rowing Membership 2005-2009

Rosemary Napp, British Rowing National Manager was pleased with the results and felt they proved a solid foundation for the forthcoming years.  “The level of growth demonstrated in the APS 3 results is especially pleasing when you set them against the fact that a large part of this survey period has been spent putting in place the first capital elements of our interventions [capital elements include both facilities and equipment].  This result gives the organisation great confidence going into year 2 of our plan when all our growth interventions will be running at full speed.”


The breakdown of the results also demonstrated that rowing continues to generate committed participants.  “Almost 70% of all rowing participants row at least once a week and many participate even more than this.  This shows we are not only contributing to our Sport England target of getting more people rowing once a week but also to the Government’s overall health target of people engaging in physical activity three times a week.”

Other details in the results show the success of key interventions in club infrastructure and competition.  The statistics showed significant increases in club membership, participants receiving tuition and participants taking part in organised competition.


  • The British Rowing Whole Sport Plan details the sport’s plans to develop the sport over the period.  For further information you can download the plan from our website.
  • The Active People Survey is conducted by IPSOS Mori on behalf of Sport England and surveys approximately 191,000 people throughout England.  For further information see the Sport England website.
  • British Rowing membership figures are taken from our membership database and have shown a steady increase since records began.

1 Sport England Active People Survey 3 (October 2009)

2 Sport England Active People Survey 1 (October 2006)