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The Xchanging Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Trials


Image of 'Sauerkraut' - Cambridge

Both club presidents got to row on their desired Stations in today’s Trial VIII’s races – despite only one of them winning their respective toss. American Deaglan McEachern lost the toss in the Cambridge Race but his boat Spaghetti still rowed from his preferred Middlesex Station. Dutchman Sjoerd Hamburger opting for the Surrey Station in the Pinky Boat for the Oxford trial.

After racing in extremely wintery conditions the ‘Spaghetti’ boat went on to win for Cambridge. The Oxford trials were sadly abandoned just before Hammersmith Bridge due to a broken pump in the ‘Pinky’ boat which meant they were taking on water faster than they could pump it out.


Video footage of the trials will shortly be available to view on the boat race website


George Nash
George Lamb
Moritz Schramm
Geoff Roth
Deaglan McEachern
Henry Pelly
Derek Rasmussen
Fred Gill
Maddy Eldridge

Mike Thorp
Matt Whaley
Wanne Kromdijk
Joel Jennings
Shane O’Mara
Pete McClelland
Rob Weitemeyer
Hardy Cubasch
Ted Randolph


Basil Gruter
Alec Dent
Ben Ellison
Ben Snodin
Ben Myers
Boris Le Feber
Sjoerd Hamburger
Charlie Burkitt
Jack Carlson

Billy Rueter
Doug Bruce
Antoine de Weck
Moritz Hafner
Ed Newman
Matt Evans
Simon Gawik
Martin Walsh
Adam Barhamand

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the identical twins who represented the United States in the pairs at the Beijing Olympics, are not taking part in the Trial Eights due to exams.