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Rowing joins the new European Sports Championships – set for Glasgow 2018


Rowing is one of five sports joining an exciting new multi-sport competition, the European Sports Championships, to be staged for the first time in 2018 in the host cities of Glasgow and Berlin.

These five sports are coordinating their European Championships to be staged over a 12-day period in July/August 2018 for this first edition of the event. This innovative new approach brings the existing European championships together in a sustainable format once every four years in order to continue building their prestige, profile and media exposure. To be staged over a 12 day period in July/August 2018, around 1,500 athletes will compete at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin, whilst at the same time 2,900 will take part in the other championships in Glasgow – all as part of the European Sports Championships.  


With Glasgow confirmed as a host city of the rowing event, the 2018 European Rowing Championships will take place on British waters at Strathclyde Country Park in North Lanarkshire.

Andy Parkinson, CEO of British Rowing said: “British Rowing welcomes the launch of the European Sports Championships in 2018, which promises to be an exciting new chapter for the European Rowing Championships, as part of a Europe-wide multi-sport event. We are delighted to have recently been awarded the opportunity by FISA to host the 2018 European Rowing Championships, to take place at Strathclyde Country Park. We are now working with FISA and our other UK partners, the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Rowing on finalising the necessary agreements for the event in the summer of 2018.”

Mike Morrice, President of Scottish Rowing said: “We are delighted that international rowing is returning to Strathclyde Park as part of the new multi-sport European Sports Championships in 2018.

“Scottish Rowing looks forward to working with FISA, British Rowing, Glasgow City Council and North Lanarkshire Council to deliver a successful European Rowing Championships within this wider event.”

Further details on the 2018 European Sports Championships can be found on the FISA website here, and in the press release and Q&A from the European Sports Championships below.