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The Great British RowFest!


The Great British RowFest is a 10 day celebration of rowing which provides an opportunity for rowing clubs and water sports centres to showcase what rowing has to offer to the local community and media. During the 10 day festival, which runs from Saturday 22nd – Monday 31st August 2015, we are supporting the promotion of clubs and their offering of activities in the form of taster sessions, fun competitions, challenges, fundraisers or possibly screenings of the World Rowing Championships, all with the aim of giving those new to the sport a great experience.

We want to share all the amazing things that rowing has to offer, as it is truly a sport open to all, to be enjoyed by all ages and as individuals or as part of a team. We want to encourage people to try it, whatever their motive, whether participating for fun, to learn a new skill, to make new friends, for health benefits or to be competitive.


This provides a great opportunity for clubs and centres to generate awareness of its facilities and be able to share what there is on offer to help increase membership, the use of the club, or to promote an event that will be happening during the 10 days of RowFest. Start talking about RowFest on your social media channels now using #RowFest

If you are a club that wants to get involved or you want to find out more about the Great British Row Fest and how you can try rowing then click here