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Warrington Sunday League Report 26th July 2015


Warrington was the rather soggy but a very hospitable venue for the 3rd North West Sunday League event of the year. Eight crews from five different club were represented. After a late draw due to the M60 delaying a few notables (including the British Rowing Staff!) racing got underway at about 1.30pm and finished just shy of 4pm.

Racing was side-by-side “splashing and dashing” over 250m in recreational coxed quads provided by Warrington RC and Mersey RC. All crews raced five times for an entry fee of £12 per boat (£3 a seat)…. For the most part entrants are 20-something to 50-somethings who have learned to row and now want a pathway which might lead them either to traditional competition or just allow them to mess about on the water in boats! Entry is open to people who have a British Rowing (BR) racing license but are novices in both sweep and sculling or BR silver members.


On the day, new entrants Lakeland, brought three crews with “Merely Men” winning all five of their races and the “Merekats” winning four out of five. Of the returnees, “Press Ganged” (Mersey) also won four, “The Good Catches” (Warrington) three, “Weaver Divas” (Runcorn) two and “Motivated Driftwood” (Hollingworth) won one alongside the last Lakeland crew “Mama Mere”… Sadly, “Blade Runners” AKA “Mersey Molluscs” didn’t trouble the scorers but seemed to have just as much fun as everyone else! This is what the Sunday League ethos is: It’s about fun, not winning.

Regarding the League; after three events, the table now looks this way:

Press Ganged Mersey 7

Weaver Divas Runcorn        6

Merely Men Lakeland        5

Motivated Driftwood Hollingworth 5

Merekats Lakeland                 4

The Good Catches Warrington 3

Mama Mere Lakeland         1

Blade Runners / Mersey Molluscs Warrington       0

Paddle of Fury Warrington 0

Many thanks to all those at Warrington RC for hosting the event and to Mersey RC for providing volunteers and two boats. Also thanks to all competitors who literally make the event. 

Next event will be at Lakeland (South) based at Newby Bridge on 23rd August. Any more clubs and crews interested in joining in, please speak to Crews can enter the series at any time and we would really like to get more clubs involved and grow the series.

About Explore Rowing

The Explore Rowing programme is our flagship project to increase participation at grassroots level. British Rowing have part funded stable boat packages in 51 clubs and watersports centres. The venues then run learn to row courses following a structured programme. This initiative has led to an increase in membership for the clubs/venues involved.

The Explore leagues, as part of the Explore Rowing programme are starting up and growing in many regions – the format can be short distance side by side races, skills events or short head races. The emphasis is on fun (and safety) with the host club providing stable boat equipment. Teams are made up of up to six people – with any four to race, allowing for holidays or weekends away without worrying about your ‘crew’ are not able to take part. The social element to the day is very important, a BBQ or cup of tea and cake alongside rowing is a great way to enjoy your time down at the water.