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Quads catch the eye in Rio

The women’s and men’s quadruple scull crews both recorded impressive heat wins as the GB Rowing Team made a good start to the 2015 World Junior Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Six British crews progressed to the semi-finals in total, while the women’s four won their repechage in the afternoon to reach the A final.


The men’s eight also secured an A final place through the repechages, which were moved forward 24 hours due to the forecast of strong winds at the weekend.

The predicted adverse weather also means that the semi-finals will now take place on Friday and the finals on Saturday.

Sir David Tanner, GB Rowing Team Performance Director, said: “We have had some good and solid results to put several crews into the next round and therefore into the top 12 in the world.”

The World Junior Championships are taking place on the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, the spectacular venue that will host rowing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in exactly 12 months’ time.

The first British win of the day went to the women’s quad of Susannah Duncan, Kyra Edwards, Molly Harding and Anna Thornton.

Duncan and Thornton were both in the quad that won bronze last year and used their experience to help Britain quickly establish the lead before moving on to win by clear-water over France in second.

It was a similar story in their heat for the men’s quad of Gavin Horsburgh, Joshua Armstrong, Sam Meijer and Chris Lawrie – the latter duo having won silver in the same boat class a year ago.

They led strongly, came under a little pressure from Poland in the second half, before taking first place in 5:56.93.

Alex Rankin, Georgie Grant, Nuala Gannon and Megan Slabbert, in the women’s four, sat second for 1700m of their heat but were pipped to a final place by fast-finishing China.

However, they were not to be denied in the afternoon’s repechage and, after tracking New Zealand for the first half of the race, put in a surge to take the lead.

With only the top two progressing to Saturday’s A final, the British crew were able to control the race and took first place in 7:05.33.

The men’s eight are also through to the A final after finishing third in both their heat and the afternoon’s repechage.

A strong German crew took the sole final place in the heat, while the Netherlands – who were runners-up in the morning – won the repechage from the United States.

International newcomers Sarah Dowling and Rosalind Wilson caught the eye in the women’s double scull heats as they finished runners-up to a German crew featuring two silver-medallists from last year’s women quad.

The British crew tracked the leaders all the way to finish 13 seconds clear of third-placed Norway and comfortably secure one of the two available semi-final places.

The men’s four of Tom Digby, Charlie Elwes, Luke Towers and Jonny Naylor also progressed to the semi-finals as runners-up.

They contested the lead with Austria in the opening stages but Greece put in a huge surge in the second quarter to establish control of the race.

The British four – helped by the experience of Digby and Elwes, silver-medallists in the coxed four last year – moved away from third-placed Serbia to secure the second semi-final spot.

GB’s men’s pair of Oscar Lindsay and Lucas Rodd finished third in their heat in a race where the top three positions were established early on, with Germany and Romania leading the way.

Lindsay and Rudd sat in third place throughout and brushed aside a late challenge from Chile to secure a semi-final place in 6:50.01.

Scott Ozsanlav-Harris and Matthew Swiss improved from fifth place in their men’s double scull heat to win their repechage in the afternoon.

There was less than a second between France, New Zealand and Britain at halfway but Ozsanlav-Harris and Swiss then upped their stroke rate to make a decisive break and secure a place in Friday’s semi-finals.

The men’s coxed four of Oswald Stocker, Guy Screaton, Chris Zahn, Alex Balgarnie and cox Vlad Saigau finished runners-up to defending champions Italy in their heat.

However, they struggled in the repechage and missed out on a top-four place, meaning they will contest the B final on Saturday.


(Events featuring GB Rowing Team crews only. For full results –



Four – Heat 1

1. Giovanna Schettino/Nicoletta Bartalesi/Sarah Gaverni/Sarah Caverni (Italy) 6:59.28
2. Li Liu/Mengke Ji/Yiyu Yang/Migwei Zhao (China) 7:00.28
3. Alexandra Rankin/Georgina Grant/Fionnuala Gannon/Megan Slabbert (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:02.75
4. Suzy Paquin/Julie Serre/Julie Leclerc/Maya Cornut (France) 7:06.19
5. Charlotte Medway/Madeleine Southall/Lily Alton-Triggs/Josephine Theile (Austria) 7:07.71

Double scull – Heat 2

1. Annemieke Schanze/Frieda Haemmerling (Germany) 7:15.65
2. Sarah Downing/Rosalind Wilson (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:17.72
3. Rebekka Wiberg-Bugge/Aasta Andreassen (Norway) 7:30.83
4. Isabella Strickler/Elise Beuke (USA) 7:31.31
5. Akiho Takano/Shiori Yokota (Japan) 7:39.95
6. Emma-Sophie Hammer/Marie Moerch-Pedersen (Denmark) 7:45.93

Quadruple scull – Heat 1

1. Susannah Duncan/Kyra Edwards/Molly Harding/Anna Thornton (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:41.93
2. Loanne Guivarch/Anne-Sophie Marzin/Margaux Bailleul/Claire Bove (France) 6:46.54
3. Meghan Gutknecht/Emily Delleman/Elizabeth Sharis/Emily Kallfelz (USA) 6:47.06
4. Katharina Strahl/Andrea Fuerholz/Eloise von der Schulenburg/Debora Hofer (Switzerland) 6:50.29
5. Anne Larsen/Ida Petersen/Simone Soerensen/Marta Kempf (Denmark) 6:59.62


Pair – Heat 1

1. Olaf Roggensack/Rene Schmela (Germany) 6:41.14
2. Constantin-Cristi Hirgau/Alexandru Chioseaua (Romania) 6:43.12
3. Oscar Lindsay/Lucas Rodd (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:50.01
4. Christopher Kalleg Andrate/Marcelo Medina Bonilla (Chile) 6:54.13
5. Pedro Morgado/Jose Vitor Farias (Brazil) 7:18.97

Four – Heat 3

1. Spyridon Antonis/Konstantinos Vardakas/Ioannis Kalandaridis/Nikolaos Vlachos (Greece) 6:12.62
2. Thomas Digby/Charles Elwes/Luke Towers/Jonathan Naylor (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:15.61
3. Nikola Cvijetic/Lazar Lazovic/Marko Ristic/Zoran Rajic (Serbia) 6:19.49
4. Nicholas Schilcher/Bruno Bachmair/Liam Anstiss/Rudolph Querfeld (Austria) 6:23.48
5. Brett Vilk/Lukas Wintersperger/Isaac Donaldson/Liam Keane (Canada) 6:24.20

Coxed four – Heat 2

1. Dario Favilli/Andrea Benetti/Riccardo Peretti/Leonardo Pietra Caprina/Francesco Tassia (cox) (Italy) 6:36.84
2. Guy Screaton/Christopher Zahn/Oswald Stocker/Alexander Balgarnie/Vlad Saigau (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:49.03
3. Piers Deeth-Stehlin/Pieter Quinton/Charles Turina/Michael Cuellar/Wyatt Harrell (cox) (USA) 6:55.05
4. Pavlo Doshchenko/Kostiantyn Dmytriv/Oleh Nohol/Vladyslav Somov/Vitaliy Kolbiagin (cox) (Ukraine) 6:57.15

Eight – Heat 1

1. Germany 5:40.58
2. Netherlands 5:44.07
3. Alex Lindsay/Nicholas Plaut/James Plaut/Gregor Duncan/Oscar Bird/Rufus Biggs/David Ambler/Frederick Davidson/Hugo Marsh (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:44.64
4. Brazil 6:20.17

Double scull – Heat 1

1. Nikolaus Brander/David Neubauer (Austria) 6:37.23
2. Jan Cincibuch/Eduard Bezdek (Czech Republic) 6:37.53
3. Stanislas Desgrippes/Hugo Quemener (France) 6:39.89
4. Hayden Robertson/Jack Lopas (New Zealand) 6:41.18
5. Scott Ozsanlav-Harris/Matthew Swiss (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:41.74
6. Mathias Danmark/William Wisholm (Denmark) 6:57.06

Quadruple scull – Heat 1

1. Gavin Horsburgh/Joshua Armstrong/Samuel Meijer/Chris Lawrie (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:56.93
2. Bogumil Lyczak/Marcin Krysinski/Dawid Pieniak/Rafal Staszak (Poland) 6:00.18
3. Danilo Amalfitano/Gergo Cziraki/Riccardo Jansen/Gabriel Soares (Italy) 6:03.35
4. Balazs Molnar/Kornel Kovacs/Daniel Dano/Bence Barocs (Hungary) 6:13.08
5. Niko Dunkic/Leon Bulic/Patrik Farkas/Andrija Supe (Croatia) 6:33.02




1. Alexandra Rankin/Georgina Grant/Fionnuala Gannon/Megan Slabbert (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:05.33
2. Ella Greenslade/Lucy Hutchinson/Finau Mosa Ati-Fosita/Anehera Nin (New Zealand) 7:06.29
3. Charlotte Medway/Madeleine Southall/Lily Alton-Triggs/Josephine Theile (Australia) 7:07.80
4. Suzy Paquin/Julie Serre/Julie Leclerc/Maya Cornut (France) 7:09.53
5. Valeriia Demateva/Elizaveta Kovina/Olga Zaruba/Iuliia Belokon (Russia) 7:31.27


Coxed four

1. Harun Ardic/Gokhan Guven/Aydin Inanc Sahin/Ismail Ali Bekiroglu/Sarp Taner Sumer (cox) (Turkey) 6:32.43
2. Toby Starkey/Thomas Barnes/Hamish McDonald/Henry Kamp/Benjamin Doyle (cox) (Australia) 6:33.25
3. Piers Deeth-Stehlin/Pieter Quinton/Charles Turina/Michael Cuellar/Wyatt Harrell (cox) (USA) 6:33.39
4. Jonathan Winter/Samuel Martel/George Howat/Fergus McSwiney/Timothy Zouch (cox) (New Zealand) 6:36.67
5. Guy Screaton/Christopher Zahn/Oswald Stocker/Alexander Balgarnie/Vlad Saigau (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:39.98
6. Pavlo Doshchenko/Kostiantyn Dmytriv/Oleh Nohol/Vladyslav Somov/Vitaliy Kolbiagin (cox) (Ukraine) 6:45.62


1. Netherlands 5:58.12
2. USA 5:58.85
3. Alex Lindsay/Nicholas Plaut/James Plaut/Gregor Duncan/Oscar Bird/Rufus Biggs/David Ambler/Frederick Davidson/Hugo Marsh (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:01.61
4. Russia 6:15.83
5. Brazil 6:26.77

Double scull – R2

1. Scott Ozsanlav-Harris/Matthew Swiss (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:47.90
2. Hayden Robertson/Jack Lopas (New Zealand) 6:48.65
3. Charles Mulot/Gert-Jan Van Doorn (Netherlands) 6:49.37
4. Soshiro Nomura/Takuto Emoto (Japan) 6:49.99
5. John Luby/Joseph Sterner (USA) 7:04.07
6. Stuart Duncan/Paul Zwanikken (Zimbabwe) 7:20.20


GB Rowing Team for World Junior Championships
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 5-9


Alex Rankin (Glasgow Academy)
Georgie Grant (Bewl Bridge RC)
Nuala Gannon (St Georges College BC)
Megan Slabbert (Molesey BC)
Coach: Helen Taylor (Molesey BC)

Double scull

Sally Downing (York City RC)
Rosalind Wilson (Marlow RC)
Coach: Bret King (Marlow RC)

Quadruple scull

Susannah Duncan (Tideway Scullers School)
Kyra Edwards (Nottingham RC)
Molly Harding (Marlow RC)
Anna Thornton (Nottingham RC)
Coaches: Ade Roberts (GB Rowing Team)



Oscar Lindsay (Eton College BC)
Lucas Rodd (Tideway Scullers School)
Coach: Patrick Duggan (Kings College School RC)


Tom Digby (Abingdon School BC)
Charlie Elwes (Radley College BC)
Luke Towers (Pangbourne College BC)
Jonny Naylor (Canford School BC)
Coaches: Richard Boulton (GB Rowing Team), John Gearing (Radley College BC)

Coxed four

Guy Screaton (Abingdon School BC)
Chris Zahn (Hampton School BC)
Oswald Stocker (Westminster School BC)
Alex Balgarnie (Westminster School BC)
Vlad Saigau (cox) (St Paul’s School BC)
Coach: Neil Double (Hampton School BC)


Alex Lindsay (Eton College BC)
Nick Plaut (Westminster School BC)
James Plaut (Westminster School BC)
Gregor Duncan (Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association)
Oscar Bird (Thames RC)
Rufus Biggs (Sir William Borlase’s BC)
David Ambler (St Paul’s School BC)
Freddie Davidson (St Paul’s School BC)
Hugo Marsh (cox) (St Edward’s School BC)
Coach: Mark Woodcock (Pangbourne College BC)

Double scull

Scott Ozsanlav-Harris (Grange School RC)
Matt Swiss (Dart Totnes ARC)
Coach: Matt Jump (Grange School RC)

Quadruple scull

Gavin Horsburgh (Glasgow Academy)
Josh Armstrong (Glasgow Academy)
Sam Meijer (Westminster School BC)
Chris Lawrie (Sir William Borlase’s BC)
Coach: Robin Dowell (Sir William Borlase’s BC)


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