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RowHow shares how to optimise coaching tips


August has arrived and with it two new articles from the R&R archive! 

Olympic cox Rowley Douglas identifies key elements of success and how you can reflect on your season’s performances and make improvements in “Be Inspired”. A good starting point is to talk to oarsmen in boats that you’ve coxed. Speaking to winning crews of big events is another – what calls motivated them over the finish line? There is plenty of footage available online of elite athletes pushing themselves to win that gold medal – Rowley recommends heading to World Rowing to watch some footage. What would you say if you were in these different races?


In ‘Open your mind’ former GB rower and GB Rowing Team coach, Robin Williams, explains how you can apply and utilise the key points that your coach has highlighted, even when you’re on your own. Convert what they say into meaningful thoughts for yourself and then hopefully you will feel the difference in your rowing!

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