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Did you know RowHow is a place for tricks and tips?


With the start of the new season well underway, we have a couple of informative articles to add to our Rowing & Regatta archive collection.

Setting technical goals for the year will make it easier to measure your progress. In “Stroke by stroke” former GB rower and GB Rowing Team coach, Robin Williams talks about your technical programme, and how you can plan technical improvements alongside your endurance, strength and power programme. He also provides a useful example of how such a programme might look for the months from October to March.


Good hamstring length and flexibility can improve your technique and Mark Edgar, former Head of Medical Services for the GB Rowing Team, advises how you can benefit in his article, “Stretch your horizons”. He goes back to basics, explaining what the hamstrings are and how they relate to rowing. Find out about some useful assessment techniques, plus which stretching exercises to do to increase your hamstring flexibility.

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