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Calling all rowers to support #GetYourKitOn

As the governing body for our sport we are fully committed to ensuring that we continue to thrive from the grassroots right up to winning medals at the Olympic Games.


It is, therefore, our commitment to support the sport from grassroots which is why we are helping to drive the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s (SRA) #GetYourKitOn campaign. The impact can only be as great as the members we can get involved, however, so we encourage all who love our sport to support #GetYourKitOn.

Chairman Annamarie Phelps explains what grassroots sport means to the rowing community: “For many people across the country, rowing at boathouses lies at the heart of their community. People of all ages and from all walks of life come together to enjoy rowing and share memories and experiences. To be able to upkeep resources and facilities indispensable to rowing then funding is our lifeblood. So, in order to sustain and protect our sport for the next generation it is crucial that we all come together to show government how essential this financial support is.”


We have spoken to many of you who love our sport and asked what rowing means to you. Below are just a few of the comments that reflect the value that our sport brings to people.

Emma Clifton, Cambridge University Lightweight Women’s Boat Club said: “I hope rowing will always be part of my life. The biggest thing for me is the people you meet and the magic of contributing to a unit that you know is more than the sum of its parts.”

One of our British Rowing Regional Representative’s, Laura Lion from Maidenhead Rowing Club said:

“Why do I row?  To stay fit and de-stress.  Why am I involved?  To give back to a sport that gave me so much and is still giving.”

Jon Goodall from Mad Team Indoor Rowing Club said: “Rowing has given me a sporting career and some self-belief in everyday life too. In 17 years I have competed in 100 races, received three relay world records and 21 gold medals – it has been beyond my wildest dreams. I now row to help keep injuries to a minimum.”

What does rowing offer you?

To ensure the Chancellor of the Exchequer is fully aware of the impact of government funding on sporting participation at the grassroots level, please send a message to #GetYourKitOn explaining what you think a cut to funding would do to grassroots rowing and why rowing is so important.

Visit to use infographics to boost up your social media plug and post a message directly to the Chancellor.  We have messaged the Chancellor and we will continue to support the campaign via social media and we hope that you do too.