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Catch up with UIRS 2015

The sixth year of the University Indoor Rowing Series (UIRS) drew to an end over the weekend at the Welsh Indoor Rowing Champs.


The UIRS formed as a partnership between British Rowing and British University and College Sport (BUCS), allowing University clubs to bid to host regional events, enabling the ability to plan and run rowing events which would otherwise prove difficult to do so.

1800 students competed across the 14 regional events and at the first GB trials. Students participated in the championship 2km or the beginner 1km, as the two core events, but hosts also offered a range of relay and sprint events throughout the series.


The series, has now more than doubled in size from the first event, which has included over 60 University Clubs from around the UK.

The 1km fresher events has proved the most popular event class, demonstrating a healthy supply of new interest in the sport in the university sector.

With races running just over 3-4 minutes results in this class are often very close, but Steph Foster (Bangor) racing in the North West2 event managed to pull a great 3:27.8 to top the 496 long table of beginner women. Claiming an impressive win by over 7 seconds from the tied second position with teammates Tanaka Dube and Rebecca Drummond of Edinburgh University.

While in the Men’s Beginner event racing on the same day at different events, Aleks Arnaudov of Surrey University raced at the London 2 event scoring an impressive 02:55.1 and managed to pip Stuart Hastings of Cardiff University racing at the South West event by four tenths of a second who scored 02:55.9.

The Scottish Universities showed off impressive scores with results from the Scottish Indoor Rowing Champs featuring in top three places over all open 2km events, without the addition of the GB trial results.

Clubs are reminded to register through their Athletic Union/Student Union competitors on the BUCScore system before 12noon on 3 December in order for results to count for BUCS rankings.

Full event results can be found below for each event class (GB trial results will be added after 3 December).

Rowability 1KM

Championship Lwt Women 2KM

Championship Lwt Men 2KM

Championship Women 2KM

Beginner Women 1KM

Championship Men 2KM

Beginner Men 1KM