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Become a Go Row Indoor Club

We are in the process of developing a Go Row Indoor Club programme for community rowing clubs.


A Pilot project is currently taking place with roll-out planned for 2018.

This programme will provide all the training, support and materials needed to run Go Row Indoor classes within your rowing club. These classes are designed to appeal to people in your local community looking for new forms of group exercise. They can be run at times when your rowing machines and studios are not typically being used by club members. This could present an opportunity to generate a new income stream for your club.

Clubs will be able to buy into the Go Row Indoor Club model, which will include a package of support encompassing:

  • Go Row Indoor Workshops – our REPS and CIMPSA Accredited Indoor Rowing Training for Fitness Professionals
  • Go Row Indoor Class Models – pre-designed classes for all abilities
  • Go Row Indoor Marketing Materials – access to branded materials and templates
  • Go Row Indoor Club Support Package – advice on all aspects of running and marketing your Go Row Indoor classes to generate maximum interest and take-up

Club’s participating in the Go Row Indoor Club programme will also benefit from our wider indoor rowing marketing and communication activities which will include a nationwide Go Row Indoor campaign.

Go Row Indoor Pilot Clubs

Four rowing clubs are taking part in the current pilot programme. Find out more about the clubs involved and their next sessions below.

Bristol Ariel Rowing Club

Bristol Ariel Rowing Club (1870) rows and trains from our boathouse and club facility in the St Annes area of Bristol. The Clubhouse was built in 1904 and has recently been refurbished in 2014. The club recognises indoor rowing is an important way for the club to open our doors to new people with the hopes of introducing them to the sport and helping to grow our membership. The Go Row Indoor Programme provides a perfect springboard to get people active and taking part in new local class sessions hosted by the club. Find our next Go Row Indoor sessions here.

Kingston Rowing Club

Kingston Rowing Club is an ideal location to start indoor rowing and get a taste of British Rowing’s new Go Row Indoor Classes. Hosting 24 Concept2 rowing machines, and investing in Go Row Indoor instructors, the club can cater for large groups of classes. The club identifies that Go Row Indoor is a great way to achieve British Rowing’s mission to increase numbers of people enjoying indoor rowing and ensuring that participants are well instructed and get to enjoy this fitness-enhancing experience. It is hoped that Go Row Indoor will enable the development of a thriving indoor rowing section of the club. Find our next sessions here.

The Ahoy Centre

We are a Watersports Centre with a dedicated rowing gym with 18 Concept 2 machines. We are able to offer competitions, rowing challenges, league rowing or for companies tailored packages for competitive rowing. Go Row Indoor provides the centre with a great opportunity for local people to come and use the dedicated gym more regularly and open the doors to help get people active through a new, fun, social indoor rowing class environment. We want to support this national based program so that people can carry on indoor rowing in different centres no matter where they are in the UK. Find our next session here.

Peterborough City Rowing Club

Peterborough City Rowing Club thinks we have one of the best club facilities in the country. Go Row Indoor will help the club provide a greater service to the local community and expose more people to how fun and beneficial indoor rowing can be. For people looking to get fit and healthy, we hope everyone feels able to walk into the club and meet new people. Our sessions will kick off in 2018, find our next session here.

Further information will be available via this webpage but, in the meantime, if you are a rowing club and would like to register your interest in becoming a Go Row Indoor Club, please email us at

Why Go Row Indoor?

There are many great reasons to Go Row Indoor

Anyone can do it, it is great for core strength, efficient for fat burning and easy to learn and access.

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