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Clubs are at the heart of rowing and British Rowing is committed to supporting all those involved in developing the sport.

Clubs affiliated to British Rowing have demonstrated that they are well run, safe and follow good governance and procedures. Through affiliation, clubs are able to enjoy a range of benefits that allow them and all of their members to enjoy the sport and help achieve their aims and ambitions. This includes recognition with Sport England and other national bodies.

The British Rowing Strategic Plan for 2015 – 2024 defines the strategic objectives that we set out as a sport:

  • Our Mission: ‘Lead enable and inspire excellence in rowing at all levels’;
  • Our Vision: ‘Promote the positive impact of sport, by providing an enjoyable experience for all participants while upholding our position as a leading rowing nation’;
  •  Our Values: Teamwork; Open to all and Commitment.

Your club or association will be key to supporting the sport to meet these objectives which we will help you with by providing support for your club.

For a list of current affiliated clubs visit our Find a Rowing Club page.


Affiliation Benefits

Once affiliated to British Rowing, rowing clubs and associations receive a wide range of benefits. These include voting rights, competition rights, staff and volunteer support, plus much more. To learn about what you can receive through affiliation visit our benefits section here.


Affiliation Renewal

To renew affiliation each year clubs must complete a safety audit and provide a membership declaration. We will communicate all information to the club secretary with reminders throughout the year, so make sure you keep your club management details up-to-date.

If you are renewing your affiliation or want more information you can find it here.


New Affiliation

If you are looking to start a new club or want to affiliate to British Rowing or want some more information about the process of affiliation, then all the information you need can be found here.


Other Organisations

There are a number of organisations who are recognised by British Rowing, either as ‘Associated Organisations’, ‘Other Rowing Associations’ or ‘Watersports Centres’.

A few clubs affiliate to both British Rowing and another organisation. If you affiliate to both then you still need to affiliate to British Rowing in the same way as all other clubs.

For a list of these organisations and their responsibilities, click here.



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Affiliation Benefits

As an affiliated British Rowing club, you are recognised as a voting member of the organisation. We will support your clubs development and help you meet national standards of governance which helps to make clubs safe and well-run.

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Affiliation Renewal

Every club being an affiliated member will pay an annual subscription, based on membership, which helps to fund, administrate and support our sport.

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New Affiliations

As an affiliated British Rowing club, you are a voting member of the association and receive access to many benefits

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