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Affiliation Renewal

Every club being an affiliated member will pay an annual subscription, based on membership, which helps to fund, administrate and support our sport.

This applies to Open Clubs, Schools, Universities and Colleges.

There are two main steps toward renewing your affiliation with British Rowing each year, following these will mean you continue to receive our support and member benefits, whilst ensuring you meet our national standards.


1. Safety Audit

As part of your affiliation to British Rowing we ask clubs to complete an annual Club Safety Audit each year. This is an opportunity to review your club’s safety procedures and equipment. We usually ask you to do this between October and November and is important for us to ensure that your club is meeting our safety guidelines.

To learn more about the safety audit please click here.


2. Membership Declaration and Affiliation Fees

We ask all clubs to complete membership declaration in January of each year, this involves declaring all members both rowing and non-rowing. It is used to calculate the following year’s club affiliation fee.

In 2018/19, affiliation fees were £93.00 for 10 members or less, plus £6.90 for each additional member. Affiliation fees are due on 1st April each year and once paid means your clubs main affiliation requirements for that year are complete.

Further information and the membership declaration form can be found here.


Club Management

Each club should have a designated Club Management Administrator. This person will maintain and manage your Club Management page. Some of this information will appear on the website when using our Find a Rowing Club section and other secure contact info will be used by British Rowing to contact your club. Please ensure you maintain up-to-date information on this page for the public and for us to easily contact you.

To access this page click here. Should you have problems with this system or need to change the administrator, please content us here.


Club Structures

See the Managing Your Club section for information on the legal structures of clubs.

It is a requirement that affiliated clubs have a constitution that sets out club rules. You can find example versions here. Check that yours is up-to-date.


Insurance Requirements

Clubs should ensure that adequate and appropriate public or preferably civil liability insurance is in place to cover all the activities of the club, its committee and members.

For information on club insurance see the Managing Your Club section.



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