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Strength and Conditioning Club Coach (Level 2)

Are you a Club Coach who wants to take the theory of strength and conditioning and apply it to your rowers on the gym floor and in the boat?


Quick Facts

How much will it cost?


How long is the award?

4 days, with face-to-face tutoring and internal assessments.

Do you want to make your rowers faster and stronger and reduce the likelihood of injury? Then the UKCC Level 2 Strength and Conditioning for Club S&C Coaches is exactly what you need to prepare, deliver and review strength and conditioning coaching sessions.

Who can attend?

In order to take the UKCC Level 2 Strength and Conditioning, you must be over 16 and be or become a British Rowing registered member. Non-members can apply online for instant registration.

The award is a prerequisite for the Level 3 Senior Club Coach Certificate in Coaching Rowing.

How is the award structured?

The Level 2 Strength and Conditioning course is delivered through blended learning, focusing on;

  • Warm up
  • Weight training
  • Strength training
  • Safe and strong trunks
  • Planning and periodisation
  • Developing physically limitless athletes
  • Anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics

How do I apply?

Step 1
  • Complete your Emergency Aid training. (A minimum 3 hour training course)

Please note: 3rd party providers such as Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance are accepted.  First Aid training must include practical CPR.

Step 2

Register on a Level 2 Strength & Conditioning course. Check the calendar to find a course near you.

You will get the chance to practice coaching the key lifts required for a rowing strength programme as well as a chance to look at how to develop a trunk endurance programme.

After completing the tutored part of the course you are:

  • Required to keep a coaching diary for six sessions.
  • Be observed coaching key lifts as part of the assessment process.


Course materials will be made available to you on RowHow, including supplementary reading material and technique videos.

You will be provided with a Learner portfolio that contains all the information and templates that you will need, as well as:

  • Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Learner Workbook.
  • British Rowing Strength & Conditioning Posters.

Upcoming Courses

Further courses can be found by searching on the Courses Calendar.

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