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Level 2


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British Rowing would like to see all coaches supporting their rowers to be competent with Level 1 before moving on to any specific rowing training. Successful completion and positive experiences of the level 1 stages is likely to keep the rower interested and engaged to stay in the sport.


Developing confidence to get in and out of the boat and demonstrate simple skills.


Developing flexibility, strengthing and stability to promote physical literacy and correct movement pattern.


Developing physical activity to maintain a consistent elevated heart rate for a short period of time.


Developing knowledge to allow the rower to become independent.


Begin to take ownership of their training as well as their behaviour and responsibilities within the sport.


For level 2 rowers, events should be focused on development and gaining experience or continued participation for more experienced rowers who have decreased the amount of training they are able to do.

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This could include:

  • Skill events e.g. J14 Omnium at British Rowing Junior Championships.
  • Ball Cup
  • Explore Series
  • Tours
  • Local races, including regattas and head races
  • Challenge events, e.g. The Great Tyne Row, Great River Race, Tideway Heads
  • British Rowing Sculling Festival (Novice categories)
  • Beginner categories of national events e.g. J14’s at BRJC or National Schools, Beginner/Novice events at BUCS events or National Masters.
  • British Rowing Beach Sprints.

Workshops & Learning Opportunities


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What do each of the pillars stand for? Physical Literacy - The ability to perform movement skills and improve body awareness. This allows the rower to become more efficient in their movement, making them more confident and in control. Athleticism - The building blocks and physical qualities that rowers are expected to achieve to be able to…

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Level 1

Level 1 is the initial level in a rower's development and ALL rowers should be competent with this level before progressing onto Level 2. Successful completion and positive experiences of Level 1 is likely to keep the rower interested and engaged to stay in the sport.   Developing confidence to get in and out of…

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Level 3

This is a major level in a rower's development, as if done correctly it will capture their interest in the sport. There should be a wide and varied mixture of training modalities, continual observation and evaluation of musculoskeletal developments. Make sure to take into consideration growth spurts when setting different types and volumes of training…

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Level 4 (Performance Talent)

To develop an individual who is a competent participant, there would be a year round structured training programme. This is a major development level in relation to fitness and physical development if heading towards the High Performance pathway. In competition the participants will be striving to win, but the overall annual programme should still be…

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