STAGING Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships LEAGUE - British Rowing

This year’s LEAGUE challenge is open from 00:00 (BST) 23 October and will run until 17:00 (BST) 12 December 2021 and is open to everyone on any rowing machine you like!

We’ll be bringing you six different challenges each week based on international rower, vlogger and coach, Cam Buchan’s 2k training plan.

To up the ante, in 2021 we are also offering the first 200 people who complete four of the six released challenges the opportunity to win an exclusive FREE LEAGUE medal. A fantastic motivator to celebrate and congratulate you for all your efforts and participation in this year’s LEAGUE event.*

To enter you need to simply register via the link below and you’ll receive an email with a link to track your progress against each challenge. You’ll only need to register once and will be able to upload each week’s challenge using the same link you receive.

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If you have any questions about the LEAGUE contact us on

Check out how far everyone has rowed collectively together on our new totaliser, which adds up all of the metres rowed by everyone taking part in the LEAGUE this year!

We’ve got six great challenges coming up for you!

  • Week 1 – Saturday 23rd October
    6 x 500m, 2mins rest, free rate – Log your total time completed
  • Week 2 – Saturday 30th October
    1min on:1min off x 12, alternating r28, r30 – Log your total distance completed
  • Week 3 – Saturday 6th November
    8 x 500m, 2mins rest, free rate – Log your total time completed
  • Week 4 – Saturday 13th November
    1min on:1min off x 14, alternating r30, r32 – Log your total distance completed
  • Week 5 – Saturday 20th November
    10 x 500m, 2mins rest, as fast as you can – Log total your time for completing
  • Week 6 – Saturday 27th November
    2km, 500m, or 1 minute – Log a time/ distance for one of the distances or enter scores for all three.

*For the British Rowing Indoor Championship 2021 LEAGUE event, the first 200 participants to complete and submit 4 out of the 6 challenges over the period that LEAGUE is open will win a FREE virtual medal. 

Participants must use an official ReSport unique results link to submit their scores which they will receive via email after registering to take part.

A participant must submit scores before or by 17.00pm (BST) on the 12 of December 2021.

The first 200 winners of the medal prizes will be electronically identified using our online ReSport LEAGUE system. Once the 200 advertised limit is reached, the medal competition will end.

The lucky winners will be informed by British Rowing after the LEAGUE has closed and results have been officially verified. ALL medals will be posted to the identified winners after the LEAGUE event ends.

The prizes hold no cash value and cannot be exchanged.