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Junior Sculling Head

Type: Head Race

Date: 20/03/2020

Notes: Closing date 6th March 2020 at 12 noon • Gold medals will be awarded for the winners of each division provided at least 4 enter. Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded where there are more than 6 entries. • Gold medals will also be awarded for the fastest B, C and D category in each division provided at least 4 crews race in that category. • For the purposes of issuing B, C and D prizes, where a club/school has a number of crews in a Division crews will be placed in the A, B, C level in accordance with their finishing time rather than their allocation on entry. • Only one set of medals will be presented to a crew. Where a B or C crew wins the Silver or Bronze overall medals they will receive these not the B or C crew Gold medals. Special notices All crews and especially coxes must be able to spin turn and respond immediately to instruction from umpires/marshals. Any crew or cox showing dangerous incompetence may not be allowed to race. The Head will NOT close entries until the published close of entries, but if the Head or an event is over-subscribed (i.e. if has reached the maximum number of crews it can safely accommodate) those clubs/schools which have a large number of entries in the Head or an event will be asked to withdraw or have some lower entries rejected in order to allow other clubs/schools to have at least one entry in the Head. The Crew Ranking Index along with the results from previous events will be used for positioning in the start order unless advised otherwise on the entry. Rules . Run under BR rules of racing and in accordance with ROWSAFE. No composite crews No doubling up. No more than 50% of J14 Crews (excl cox) may be J13. No J12, or younger, athletes. All athletes must scull for the club where they carry out their normal day to day training and all those registered with BIRO must scull for their nominated club and must have been registered as School or Club members by the 1st November prior to the Head Entries from Rowing Clubs will only be accepted where the membership is open to all young people wishing to learn to scull. If in doubt please contact Entry Secretary .



Allows Non British Rowing Crews: Yes

Allows Composite Crews: No

Accepts Online Payments: Yes

Terms and Conditions:

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