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Whether you’re looking to earn your first international vest at a Home International Rowing competition or have aspirations to compete at the first Commonwealth Games since 1986, representing England is a truly unique experience.

British Rowing is responsible for the selection of individuals and crews representing England only. Teams for Scotland and Wales are selected by Scottish Rowing and Welsh Rowing respectively. See section 3a British Rowing: Articles of Association
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Home International Rowing Regatta

The Home International Rowing Regatta (HIRR) is a historic annual competition dating back to 1962 seeing the four ‘Home Nations’ of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete. Every race counts towards combined team trophies for Junior Women, Junior Men, Senior Women and Senior Men.

A new racing format, announced in 2020, means rowers will have a minimum of two races, with the majority racing three times. Racing takes place over 2000m for all boat classes. With the 4x and 8+ racing a second time over 500m.

HIRR Information and Selection Policy

Home International Rowing Beach Sprints

The Home International Rowing Beach Sprints (HIRBS) is a new event with the four ‘Home Nations’ of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales competing.

The event is building off the rich history of its sister event the Home International Rowing Regatta, which has seen many Olympians racing for their first international representation. The event is a great opportunity to gain experience in the Beach Sprint format if you have hopes to row for England at the Commonwealth Games in 2026.

HIRBS Information and Selection Policy

England Beach Sprint Team

Commonwealth Games, 2026

For the first time in 40 years, rowing is making a return to the Commonwealth Games at Victoria 2026 with the introduction of Beach Sprints into the multi-sport competition.

England Rowing will be present. Keep an eye out for more information on how to represent England as well as development opportunities here in the future.

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