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Rules of Racing

The Rules of Racing apply to all rowing and sculling competitions that are affiliated to British Rowing


The purposes of the Rules of Racing are to:

  • Provide a basis for safe, fair, and equal racing.
  • Ensure that due notice is taken of the RowSafe Guidance.
  • Provide a consistent framework for the regulation and organisation of rowing competitions.

The Rules of Racing specifically cover:

  • Classification of Competitors
  • The Personal Ranking System
  • Classification of Events
  • Competition Organisation
  • Conduct of the Race
  • Racing
  • Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures.

With appendices covering:

  • A Glossary of Terms
  • Essential Equipment for Officials
  • Primary Events
  • Additional Para-Rowing and Adaptive Requirements
  • Stable Boat Competitions
  • Offshore Rowing Competition Rules
  • Beach Sprints Competition Rules
  • Masters Handicap System.

Download the 2023 Rules of Racing

Aligned to the Rules of Racing, please read our guidance on sponsorship and partnership marketing for events and clubs.

Rules of Racing and Changes for 2023

(With effect from 1 April, 2023)

All of the changes from 2022 and the rationale for each change are set out in this document and this presentation.

The Rules of Racing Panel welcome suggestions in how rules can be improved, or if new rules are needed so please get in touch at

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