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Coaching success across the country!

As part of your September Coaching Stream, we’re pleased to bring you the very first instalment of a new regular feature – celebrating the coaches around the country who have just passed their Level 2 and 3 certificates.

The following coaches have recently gained their certificates in Level 2 Fixed and Sliding Seat Coaching, as well as Level 3 Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, and the Introduction to Assessment Practice in Sport.


We send our warmest congratulations to each of the coaches named below, and wish them every success as they put their new skills and knowledge into practice at rowing clubs across the country.


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing (Sliding Seat)

Helen Gourlay (Lea RC)

Philip Bancroft (West Norfolk RC)

Tom Durrant (Star Club)

Jonathan McCree-Grey (Bath University)

Jonathan Mitchell (St Cuthberts Society BC)

Peter Schofield (York City RC)

Jonathan Day (Loughborough BC)

Mark French (Chester-le-Street ARC)

Luke Hodgson (Lancaster John o’Gaunt RC)

Alan Kunna (Thames Tradesement RC)

David Street (Runcorn RC)

Andrew Taylor (Sir William Perkins RC)

Robert Williams (Trent RC)

Lesley Afuakwah (Unattached)

John Allen (Bridgnorth RC)

Daryl Breakwell (Bridgnorth RC)

James Camp (Avon County RC)

Andy Cropper (Bridgnorth RC)

Hannah Ellis (Norwich RC)

Joshua Fear (Nemisis BC)

Andrea Gowans (Huntingdon BC)

Raphael Holmes (Manchester University BC)

Fiona Huyton (North Staffs RC)

Charlotte Jukes (Bridgnorth RC)

Calum McRoberts (Grange School BC)

Samuel Nahk (Lancaster University BC)

Joshua Rhodes-Hook (Star Club)

Michael Tilley (Dartmouth ARC)

Kim Wilkinson (Norwich RC)

Jonathan Williams (Lancaster University BC)

Alan Clarke (Bedford RC)

Christopher Dean (Northampton RC)

Patricia Laurenson (Champion of the Thames RC)

Neil McLenahan (Peterborough City RC)

Belinda Seabrook (Broxbourne RC)

Andrew Curry (Newcastle University BC)

Alan Grant (Royal Navy & Royal Marines ARC)

Rob Harris  (Paignton ARC)

Trevor Harron (Bedford RC)

Michael Hughes (Newcastle University BC)

Chloe Payne (Exeter RC)

Steve Swan (Wimbleball RC)

Dean Taylor (Plymouth ARC)


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing (Fixed Seat)

Trevor Lowe (Unattached)

Neil Williamson (Unattached)

Ian Clark (Unattached)

Christopher Dawson (Unattached)

Adam Graham (Unattached)

Kristine Jane (Penryn,  CPGA)


Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Rowing

Richard Chapman (Tyne United RC)


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Strength & Conditioning

Helen Taylor (Maidstone Invicta RC)

Karl Offord (Reading RC)

Hugh Scott (Bradford ARC)

Ian Howell (Ross RC)


Level 3 Introduction to Assessment Practice in Sport

James Andrews (Chester-le-Street ARC)

Michael Rigby (Warwick BC)