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The importance of good coxing


With some of the season’s biggest Head races looming, it’s as crucial as ever to remember the importance of good steering and coxing.

The Coaching Commission wishes to remind coaches that those steering and coxing have a vital responsibility for their crew, and must receive education and training to ensure the safety of their crew and others on the water.


RowHow – British Rowing’s distance learning facility – contains a wealth of information on how safe and effective coxing and steering, as well as the British Rowing certificate which is designed to be delivered in clubs.

The Online Course in Coxing/Steering provides a framework for the training and assessment of the basic competencies of both coxes and steersmen/women – covering everything from equipment and safety/risk management to basic technique.

RowHow also hosts the Coxing/Steering Certificate Level 1 Course tutor resources, including presentation slides, the resources booklet, and the course workbook and syllabus.