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Adaptive Rowing at Evesham Sprint Regatta

The 2012 Evesham Regatta is just over one week away, with Adaptive Rowing set to take centre-stage alongside able-bodied rowing at the Sprint event on May 6th.

Staged over two days, the Evesham Regatta offers 1000m races upstream along the River Avon on Saturday 5th May, and 500m sprints downstream on Sunday 6th.


Juniors, Seniors, and Masters will compete over both days, but Sunday is also set to feature Adaptive racing in LTA (legs, trunks, arms), TA (trunks and arms), and AS (arms and shoulders) categories.

If you’re new to Adaptive Rowing, the Evesham Sprint Regatta is a perfect way to learn more about the sport and witness high-quality domestic racing.

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