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Stratford to Welford, by water

According to the map it’s only five miles from Stratford upon Avon to Welford by water, but the way some of the Stratford rowers did it, it was much, much longer!

Last weekend saw the culmination of months of practice and tuition for the first initial group of graduates from British Rowing’s ‘Explore Rowing’ course, with a trip from Stratford to Welford by water…and back.


Ruth Winter, organiser of the Boat Club trip said, “Although we’ve had nearly six months of coaching and training since the Explore Rowing course, this was quite an eye opener! Going through the locks and being on an unfamiliar stretch of river was challenging: whilst we row regularly for two hours at a time, five hours there and back in total even with a break was quite exhausting!”

Glyn Hawkins, Stratford Boat Club’s Masters’ Vice Captain said, “It is great to have adults joining fully in the Club’s activities so even if they are not rowing competitively at regattas, they can enjoy their recreational rowing.”

Stratford upon Avon Boat Club’s Fine Boat Regatta on the Town stretch of the River Avon this year is Saturday 16 June.

Stratford Boat Club

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