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British Rowing to offer support to rowing clubs affected by coronavirus

A statement from the British Rowing Board on the support that will be made available to the rowing clubs to get through coronavirus (COVID-19)

At its meeting yesterday (25 March), the Board of British Rowing agreed that the organisation’s support of the sport during the period of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis should extend, where necessary, beyond the practical help already being offered to clubs, and agreed that it was prepared to use a portion of its reserves to do so if they are required. The details of how best to execute that are now being developed and further information will follow.

Chair of British Rowing Mark Davies said, “A great deal of work had been done by the team before this virus outbreak to present a budget which would balance under Business as Usual in the 2020-21 financial year. It is clear that the coming months will be anything but that, but the Board is confident that with the organisation’s finances stabilised on a day-to-day basis, a portion of our reserves can be used for what they are there for: getting the sport through difficult periods. There is unlikely to be another period more difficult than the one our clubs and members are facing, and we have agreed that we will do everything possible to support the sport, wherever and however we can.”


Please bear with us while we work out the details of how best to help and how best to deliver any support the rowing community requires. If you’d like to tell us the situation at your club, please use the form below.