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Missing competition? Could a private match be the solution you need?

With many affiliated competitions cancelled, a private match might give you the chance to run a smaller-scale, local competition and we’re making it easier to host these over the next few months


With few affiliated competitions planned over the next few months, running a private match can allow you to get local clubs together for a bit of friendly competition in a few simple steps. If you’ve organised any competition before, organising a private match is really simple and for the next few months we’re making it even easier:

🎽 Race against up to six local clubs*

📃 You can now apply to host a private match online – getting your approval within 72 hours

🔽 We’ve reduced the fee for insurance by 50% to just £60 per day**

🗃️ Use BROE2 for free to make managing entries easy – simply pay any transaction fees

📋 No ranking points so no need to submit results

* Larger private matches may be permitted in certain situations so please just ask

** Discount applies until 31 January 2021

Check out the detailed requirements below and apply to host a private match today.

Apply to host a private match

The requirements to host the events are really simple:

  1. Get permissions – make sure you have permission from the British Rowing National Competition Committee (via the online form, ideally two weeks before the match), you should also check if any local restrictions apply and liaise with your Regional Rowing Council, local council, waterway authority and any other local groups.
  2. Be safe – you should ensure you’ve carried out a risk assessment for the private match and submit this with your safety plan to your Regional Rowing Safety Advisor for review.
  3. Be COVID-Secure – follow our guidance for organising competitions in the Managing COVID-19 document.
  4. British Rowing Membership – everyone taking part in the private match should have a British Rowing membership that comes with insurance (RACE, ROW, COACH or SUPPORT).
  5. Enjoy your racing! After the event, if you can please do send us the results as we’d be interested to know how many people take part etc.

It is still possible to run an affiliated competition and our team remains on hand to help provide any guidance to help you do that, however, we hope that where it’s not possible, private matches will allow you to get back on the water and racing in the meantime!

If you have any questions about private matches or running competitions at all, please email us at